DTS and psqlODBC

If you want to connect a Microsoft SQL Server 2000 to a PostgreSQL server via Data Transformation Services (DTS) and you’re running into upgrade problems, read on :)
After an upgrade of PostgreSQL from V7.2 (as in Debian woody) to V7.4 (as in Debian sarge) or while upgrading psqlODBC from V7.x to V8.x (the actual trigger for the problem could not be determined as of now), a DataPump task failed throwing an EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION.

In the end, the solution was easy. The naming scheme of tables that psqlODBC expects has changed. Before, psqlODBC only expected table_name as source or target table of a DataPump task (given that your table name was „table_name“). In the newer versions, you better use "public"."table_name" (with the double quotes) to make sure psqlODBC knows what you want.

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