Marvellous Weeds: New Album out Now!

10. Februar 2021, 22:08 von simonb

Believe it or not: After all those years, Marvellous Weeds – my first band – has released a new album: My Black Swan. You can stream it on many major platforms. Enjoy!

Marvellous Weeds - My Black Swan album cover image

Debian: Fixing the ulimit 87 error

28. Juli 2013, 16:40 von simonb

If you ever get an error message from your Debian 7.x (wheezy) system where apache2 complains about
/usr/sbin/apache2ctl: 87: ulimit: error setting limit (Operation not permitted),
it helped me to explicitly set the ulimit config value for apache2 to the system’s maximum value. It seems as if wheezy fails to get the system default if the value is not explicitly set.

To do this,

  1. Determine the system’s current ulimit for file descriptors using the command ulimit -n (returned 1024 for me)
  2. Edit /etc/apache2/envvars and set this variable: APACHE_ULIMIT_MAX_FILES='ulimit -n 1024' (was commented out on my system)
  3. Try reloading apache2. The error message should no longer appear.

This might have side effects if you are on a busy system with massive virtual hosting, but in this case, you’ll know how to optimize system ulimits anyway :)

Blogging again – finally

1. Mai 2012, 15:09 von simonb

Phew. Blogged again. After all those years. Uploaded all those pics that have been piling up since 2008. All posts newer than January 2008 have been uploaded during the last few days. Enjoy!

Wo die benutzten Wochentage hinkommen

1. März 2012, 15:32 von simonb

Altstetten, Zürich

Altstetten, Zürich

Typisch CH

27. Februar 2012, 20:51 von simonb


Höfliche Bitte in Zürich

Natürlich war die zugehörige Wand komplett frei von Graffiti.

Eminem, der Zuchtbulle

21. Januar 2012, 17:08 von simonb

Grüne Woche 2012, Messeglände Berlin

Grüne Woche 2012, Messeglände Berlin

Wenn Automaten booten

2. Januar 2012, 15:37 von simonb

Parkautomat, Zürich

Parkautomat, Zürich

Nach all‘ den Jahren: Immer wieder wird man überrascht davon, was so alles am Internet hängt.


23. Dezember 2011, 16:16 von simonb

U Herrmannplatz, Berlin

U Herrmannplatz, Berlin

Wenn man lange in der Schweiz war, machen solche Tags einfach mehr Eindruck.

Fitness für Singles

10. Oktober 2011, 16:23 von simonb

Zürich West

Zürich West

Also, ich finde das Plakat echt bitter.

PMI for breakfast

15. September 2011, 9:54 von simonb

Yeah. Project management, honey

Yeah. Project management, honey

Bon appétit to