Munich, finally

Sapient - designing technology that mattersThe papers are signed, now it’s official: Starting with August 1st, I’ll be working as a Technology Consultant for Sapient Gmbh in Munich. From what I learned, the job is exactly what I’ve been looking for: To work in larger software projects, striving to build great products together with a motivated team. I’m really looking forward for this experience.
Currently, I’m looking for a room in Munich and for a tenant for the Berlin appartment.
The farewell-party in Berlin is „preliminarily scheduled“ for Friday, July 14. Please mark that down in your calendars :)

Update, 2006-06-21: I found a room in Munich! It’s a nice place and really close to work.
Update, 2006-06-29: Now, I’ve also got a tenant for the Berlin appartment.

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  1. Björn

    Hey, herzlichen Glückwunsch! Hoffentlich hat das „Bewerbungstraining“ bei Google zum letztendlich erfolgreichen ende seinen Teil beigetragen.

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